Who we are

DocPath leads the document software market focused on solutions for communication with customers through the generation and management of key documents, helping companies of different sizes and public institutions to digitize and automate their internal and external document processes, resulting in greater overall efficiency.

Despite its initial focus, the company adapts every day to the technological evolution and offers versatile solutions to any sector, adapting to the needs of your business. Among others, we can highlight our intelligent template design tool and its generation engine, which make possible the extraction of data from any source, platform or application, the creation and sending of documents in a simple and dynamic way.

Our philosophy is to provide solutions to any type of company, regardless of its size or area of activity, to create and consolidate relationships with its customers by optimizing their document generation and print management processes, replacing obsolete legacy systems or improving current ones for the entire document process; from the design to the distribution of documents and files that serve as the main method of communication with customers.

We have

+300 clients

+20 countries

+70% of development experts on staff
Offices in USA, Spain and Brazil

Gartner Honorable Mention

One of the most recognized international consulting firms with which we actively collaborate.

Our Objetive

Provide high-quality document software that seamlessly integrates with any type of application, ERP, or platform, covering the entire document lifecycle, as well as migrating legacy software or integrating specific functionalities: intuitive design of smart forms, automated data merging with templates, and management of sending or archiving final documents.


Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Document Output Management (DOM) are closely related, with DOM being a sub-area of CCM. Our products aim to create, store, process, and distribute internal and external communications with the purpose of understanding, retaining, and engaging key customers.


At DocPath, we stand out in the document software market. We focus on DOM and Spooling systems in centralized and distributed environments.

Commitment to innovation

DocPath invests in innovative solutions and technologies to optimize document processes. Our skilled team integrates technologies for businesses in any industry.


We enhance the productivity and communication of our clients with document solutions. We offer specialized support and pursue excellence through advanced products and technology.


We are not only interested in the present but also have our sights set on the future. We strive to become global leaders in sustainable and advanced document solutions, centered around customers while providing a unique experience with personalized attention.

Our History

1993 – The company was founded under the name “LaserForm.” We were born out of a need for a modern document generation solution.
1995 – We launched our first software suite, enabling the automatic creation and customization of documents.
1996 – We upgraded to Version 3.0, enhancing our resources.
1997 – We changed our name to “FormsPath”, reflecting a broader focus on form solutions.
2000 – Brazil Opening: We expanded our international presence by opening a location in Brazil, growing globally.
2005 – We updated to Version 4.0 while continuing to learn from our clients’ needs, developing projects, and improving solutions.
2006 – New R&D&I Center Creation: Establishing our commitment to continuous improvement of our technologies and products.
2007 – DocPath becomes our identity, representing our wide range of possibilities in the document world. It’s not just about creating forms but managing them in unlimited ways, establishing a productive workflow.
2008 – Expansion to the USA with Resolutions Acquisition: We crossed the Atlantic again, this time to the US market by acquiring “Resolutions,” allowing us to establish a stronger presence in the United States, opening our own office in Atlanta, and bringing in new employees with high ambitions.
2009 – We introduced Version 4.1, with improvements and new features.
2010 – We expanded our Suite with a Document Manager, a practical way to securely manage and maintain documentation, placing high importance on privacy.
2014 – After trial and error, Version 5.0 arrived, with more features and performance improvements.
2019 – We welcomed our Version 6.0 ‘Podium’, our most comprehensive and innovative CCM solution capable of meeting the needs of any company, regardless of its sector and size, providing full integration capability as well as complete service.

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