Secure the Information of your Patients


Thanks to this application for health services and industries there is no need to fill everything manually and then upload it to the System, the doctor can complete the information in a Tablet. Save paper!

With this health services and industries documents software you can design and generate all kinds of labels with bar codes, so you have all the information: samples of tests, medicines, etc. of your clients in a bracelet.


printThis document software, designed especially for the health services and industries, allows you to create prescriptions, medical reports and any document on a tablet. Those can be printed in high quality or generated as PDF and send it by email to your client, etc.

gesturePossibility to integrate E-signatures and biometric handwritten signatures on electronic documents.


DocPath created this application to offer health services and industries an efficient management and system reporting platform that allow knowing the situation of the system at any time.

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