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DocPath offers insurance companies a solution for sending documents throughout the entire organization, also including the possibility of managing electronic forms and previously created documents. Internal employees throughout the whole network of branch offices, as well as independent vendors who resell the company’s products, could stand to benefit from the resources DocPath TotalControl offers.


createCreating, managing, maintaining, generating, and sending documents is an important task that requires effort and control from different organizations within a company, which could prove to be significant sources of error.

Streamlining processes by using the appropriate technology greatly improves customer satisfaction while cutting down on costs considerably.

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Success Stories


QBE needed to upgrade the AS400 OS level to V7R4 on their servers, which is an OS version that no longer supports the IBM InfoPrint Designer solution QBE was using for its document generation process. QBE had close to 6000 InfoPrint projects that were being maintained, so this was a big concern. Another concern was that without support, QBE was not able to get any assistance from IBM on any Infoprint generation related issues.

With DocPath, QBE could migrate its 6000 reports to DocPath from InfoPrint Designer with minimal effort and touch ups required to validate the forms in DocPath. QBE now has a solution that is very modern and makes use of lastest Java and .NET technology. They now also have access to a support team in DocPath that can assist with questions and resolving software related issues.



Zurich Insurance, like any other similar company, needed to produce insurance policies, receipts, and reports. From serving multiple countries arose the need for multiple languages support and the need to have a flexible system that could be deployed easily on several different environments. They also needed to run the solution of different software platforms.

With DocPath, all the requirements were covered and now all documents can be created in different countries with different languages, but often still sharing the same electronic template, making form maintenance a much easier task. Large legal clauses can easily be integrated into the template or added as full pages added to a single document.


articleDesigning electronic forms

The customer has a powerful design environment based on Windows.NET at their disposal. This tool facilitates the design of any kind of commercial document, offering a high presentation quality and including all types of design elements and barcodes. Graphs that allow for data visualization are also featured.

add_boxTemplates (electronic forms)

Templates (or electronic forms) carry all necessary resources to create the appropriate documents once customer data is introduced. With these tools, contracts, bills, invoices, insurance policies, etc. can be created and later stored in a repository within the database.

The documents can be customized to perfectly match the customer’s expectations using Composition Flow. By determining the pages, DocSegments, and some logical definitions, “intelligent” documents adjusted to the needs of any customer can be created.

Also, the Legal department can access any document that requires legal intervention to modify the text or any financial information in a completely controlled manner, maintaining traceability of when the form was modified and by whom, and allowing for the possibility of an approval workflow.

DGE (Document Generation Engine)

DGE is an engine that combines the data gathered from the applications with the corresponding electronic form. It is a powerful software that uses the most up-to-date technology and can be executed both on the cloud as well as on containers and Kubernetes.


DocManager is a complete Document Repository that allows for storing created documents (or copies) so that they can be accessed by both internal employees and external insurance agents.

Likewise, it can be used to send documents created during batch processes so that users can download them the following morning. This is a key functionality as it helps eliminate centralized printing, passing the printing costs down to the agents. There is no risk of unauthorized printing, as the system controls the process from beginning to end. This way, there is complete traceability.

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printAccessing, printing, and sending documents

Documents created for internal branch officers and external insurance agents could be directly sent to the e-mail or printer associated with the user.

Documents created by DocManager can be marked as “read only” or “print only once”, making it impossible for PDFs to be visualized or printed without direct system authorization.

linkSending documents through URLs

This feature offers a response to what has become a common way of distributing documents: using a URL. Financial and governmental organizations are using URLs instead of sending attachments to send confidential information. This way, the end-user can download the document directly from the website, ensuring the document’s authenticity.

gestureDocument Electronic Signature

Remove the integration hassle out of your way when using electronic signatures. Less work for you, faster electronic signing experience for your customer.

This feature offers various alternatives for electronic signature, such as:

  • Using a third-party authorization certificate (e.g.: DocuSign, Adobe)
  • Using tablets to capture biometric information
  • Using simple graphical images

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