DocPath for SAP

A CCM (Customer Communications Management) solution integrated with SAP

DocPath offers its clients high quality document software that can be easily integrated with any CRM & ERP application, including all modules of the SAP system, covering the entire document cycle. Furthermore, thanks to its vast network of partners, DocPath offers local customer technical support as well other services.

The complete solution integrated with SAP it’s a cloud-ready document software solution for CCM (Customer Communications Management) that allows the design, generation and distribution of multilanguage in any output format.

This solution seamlessly integrates with any existing architecture, application, or device. In addition, sleek, professional documents can now be generated on-demand, in real time, so that customers can access information online or in person throughout the entire branch network.

With the solution integrated with SAP, you can now graphically define the logic of a dynamic document. This eliminates the need to code, so that forms can be created by department without technical expertise, such as marketing or legal.

Benefits of integrating DocPath solutions with SAP


Wide range of tools with various functionalities and satellite extensions for SAP

Since DocPath offers modular document software solutions that are entirely scalable and adaptable to any requirements, customers have the option to implement new satellite solutions in order to complete their environment. Among these solutions are DocPath Sinclair, which allows the monitoring of document generation systems or DocPath Stylo, a tool that allows different departments, such as marketing and legal, creating and editing forms via web browser.


Maintenance and support service

The client has access to an outstanding maintenance service in case there is any problem with the product. Getting in contact with DocPath’s Support team can be done via telephone, email or DocPath’s Customer Area from which inquiries and issues can be reported directly. Our customer service technicians have a high level of experience which allows them to find the solution to any problem in very little time.


Improved customer experience

DocPath’s long history in the document software industry for SAP, CCM and Document Output Management ensures the constant improvement of the client experience when using DocPath’s user-friendly solutions. Thanks to its many years of experience in customer service, DocPath is constantly evolving in order to offer its clients the best possible services.


Constant software updates

DocPath is constantly working to improve and extend the functionalities of its Customer Communications Management software by adding new and better features as well as solving issues detected in earlier versions.


Technical flexibility

DocPath’s document software is capable of processing input data files coming from any application that will be used for the generation of the final document.


Flexibility when it comes to licensing

DocPath offers a wide range of licensing methods for its document software giving clients the option to select the method that best suits their business such as pay-per-use, monthly or yearly payments.

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