Replace Elixir DesignPro for AFP Through Simple and Secure Migration

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Through the DocPath Boulder Suite™ document solution, “Elixir® DesignPro Tools for AFP” users can quickly and safely replace their environment with a cutting-edge Document Output Management system. This solution puts them at the forefront in the design and generation of their business documents, whether static or dynamic, allowing a multitude of output formats to be generated and distributed across multiple channels.

By implementing this solution, users are provided with new and intuitive visual document design interfaces and advanced functionalities, while maintaining their existing businessapplications.

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Characteristics of the migration solution from “Elixir® DesignPro Tools for AFP” to DocPath Boulder Suite™

upload_fileAllows you to import Elixir® projects and forms, and convert them into resources used by DocPath document software product.

qr_codeOffers the possibility of including dynamic graphics, barcodes, and advanced graphic elements in documents generated from migrated Elixir® projects.

auto_awesome_mosaicProvides intuitive static and dynamic document design and generation interfaces, not available before replacing Elixir® with DocPath Boulder Suite™.

file_uploadDocPath increases the number of output formats (PDF, PCL, Label, HTML5, etc.) and distribution channels available.

devicesIt is multiplatform and includes the possibility of integration with different document management solutions.

published_with_changesProjects migrated from Elixir® are fully functional on the IBM i platform, to maintain ease of use, security, and control.

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