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Optimize your Document Management and Transform Citizen Experience.

Public Institutions are tasked with managing an increasingly diverse array of forms and documentation, which can result in overwhelming types and amounts of documents.

In a very demanding sector, Civic Services are always expected to promptly provide citizens with intuitive and quality documents, since they require a high service in areas such as Courts & Justice, Counties, States, Municipalities, Federal Agencies, Health and Human Services, Medical Centers, Education Institutions, and more.

Our solution aims to simplify this process, integrating seamlessly while optimizing systems and applications, streamlining workflows, and upholding compliance standards. From designingintelligent templates, to merging data, distributing documents and workflowmonitoring, cover the entire process to enhance efficiency and drive cost savings.


Main Challenges for Public Institutions

The main challenges related to document software processes that Public Administrations and Public Service Organizations are facing are:


  • Reducing time consuming processes and minimizing costs.
  • Automating document processes.
  • Managing large volumes of documents.
  • Adapting to and incorporating new technologies without impacting their systems.
  • Complying with legal regulations. DocPath has a proven track record through 30 years of expertise in the Business helping Local Governments and other Civic Institutions overcome these challenges and guiding them through the process.

Document Software Features for Public Services

Public Service Organizations and Institutions require specific functionalities covered to meet the document processing needs of their sector and improve citizen satisfaction.


  • Document design tools that are easy-to-use.
  • Output Management applications to generate a wide variety of output formats and the ability to manage them during the post process for batch separation, classification by zip codes, etc.
  • Generation and management of Web forms which citizens can fill out online.
  • Online operations, including real time and on demand document generation.
  • Automated document merging tools that eliminate the need for manual and costly tasks, saving users valuable time and resources
  • Document production monitoring tools that can tell the user everything about the process in data, statistics and configuration at a glance.
  • Document output management, tools that help you monitor the entire printing or delivery process and allow you to make changes instantly when something comes up.

Data Security

DocPath does not handle or store personal data regarding its customers.

At DocPath, your security and privacy are guaranteed throughout the entire lifecycle of your documents, from beginning to end.

We live in a time of excessive control, and we feel that our security is increasingly compromised in today's world

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