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Manage your Customer Communications

Effective communication plays a pivotal role in shaping a company’s image and success. However, many organizations overlook the importance of direct communication channels and documents as key platforms for projecting their image.

This can lead to inefficient, inconsistent, and less effective communications, rendering their investments ineffective.

Customer Communications Management (CCM) offers a solution to streamline and elevate business communication processes, enabling organizations to deliver personalized, consistent, and engaging messages across various channels.

Incorporating CCM into business communication processes empowers organizations to streamline and elevate their messaging, ensuring consistent branding, automation, and personalization.

By embracing CCM, businesses can enhance customer connections, optimize document generation and distribution, and improve overall efficiency, resulting in a more impactful and successful communication strategy.

design_servicesDesign – Automate  – Merge – Deliver

Companies invest billions in marketing strategies to communicate their corporate image to the world, but many of them forget that their direct communication channels and documents are in fact the very platforms through which their real image is projected.

Some companies still lack the Customer Communications Management (CCM) software tools needed for this or are anchored to legacy systems, resulting in more manual, less efficient communications and less consistent with corporate strategies, making their investments sterile.

forumStreamline and Elevate Customer Connections

Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions are a critical part of ensuring an organization’s interactions across all touchpoints are in line with key Company Strategy.  CCM software solutions are the most efficient way for businesses to optimize communications with their customers, partners and stakeholders through various channels like emails, invoices, letters, and statements among others, while always retaining brand control. Automation and efficiency play a huge role in any CCM solution, resulting in less costly, bigger & faster document generation capacities, saving also print and mail costs.

campaignCCM Will Empower Your Message

Companies without Customer Communications Management software tools are more likely to make documents that lack creativity or engaging content and to fail to effectively communicate the value or benefits of a product, service, or company to real and potential customers. Not only can a flexible CCM solution enable companies to reverse this negative trend, but also leverage how its company is perceived. Thanks to a well implemented Customer Communications Management software solution, you will be able to convey new messages carefully tailored for your defined target while unlocking and monetizing underutilized communication paths in your company.

integration_instructionsSeamless Integration into existing systems

The main concern for organizations looking to revamp their document communication systems is integration. Efficient companies cannot afford downtime and need their software solutions to adapt to their IT environment, not the other way around.

One of DocPath’s key features, inherent in its CCM suite, is full adaptability to any platform; wherever stored, extract data to design and generate documents from your own ERP or CRM applications without having to change your data environment. In addition, DocPath unifies all your solutions in a single platform: all in one.


Intelligent Template Designer

Seamless drag-and-drop design tool for templates.

Our Designer has been tailored for both IT-skilled users and regular Business users. Thanks to our drag-and-drop Composition Flow mechanics, this CCM tool can be used by anyone, unlocking multiple possibilities within your teams, while also keeping an option for code-savvy IT specialists.

Your result will be an intelligent form that enables seamless automation and integration with your data input, regardless of the chosen designer or the final intended use of the template. Template automation and user-friendly interfaces make multiple form creation easy, rather than manually adjusting one each time.

Complete Monitoring

For whole document generation and distribution of the organization.

True power needs real control. DGE’s monitoring tool, Sinclair, extracts valuable usage and performance information at a single glance: CPU usage, performance data, document generation statistics and much more.

Run Sinclair’s monitoring tool in the background and free up your time to complete other tasks, thanks to its automated and endlessly customizable alerts. Monitoring can tell you when things go south, so you can make quick adjustments after checking your logs in a rapid view thanks to an intuitive interface.

Document Generation Engine

High-volume batch processing

DocPath’s Document Generation Engine (DGE) is the definition of efficiency. Your organization doesn’t need to make a single change in its environment: it can be easily integrated with any input data platform, as for CRM, ERP or Legacy Data, to merge them with your Designer intelligent templates. Integration is key, but performance is king: with this core CCM solution your documents can be generated in milliseconds with an unprecedented volume capacity in the range of millions.

Eliminate manual data collection and complex document processes by offering users a versatile online data-gathering and document automation tool accessible on mobile devices and websites. The adaptable template adjusts to different devices, enabling users to capture business data for generating final forms and documents compatible with various systems in their organization.

Template Repository

A Sophisticated repository for access and version control

Another key CCM software solution that is part of many implementations of Customer Communications Management solutions is a sophisticated document repository. Thanks to its versatility, template creation can be carried out by multiple workers within your organization. With many users, coordination and collaboration are critical factors. With XF Repository’s version control, you can define user segregation and easily see who, when and what was modified. Every organization has internal processes that need to be respected: shape your workflow of approvals and let the team see the status of each piece.

This repository is key for modifications that are bound to happen in every organization. In case you carry out an overhaul of logos or corporate graphics, you will discover the opportunity of simply uploading your new designs to your repository of reusable components and automatically replacing them, reducing costly manual labor instead of doing it one by one.


Set up privileges regarding modifications

IT as the only modifiers won’t be mandatory anymore.

After designing templates and generating documents, the final business user may need to make small adjustments to the document to carry customization to the fullest. DocPath Stylo can be configured to allow certain users (mostly non-IT) to modify parts of the text.

This frees up those overworked IT departments and enables end-user collaboration. The admin user will oversee which parts can and cannot be changed by the final user, segregating teams and departments. For example, lawyers will generally be able to modify legal clauses of a contract and marketing parts will be open to the appropriate individuals.

Omnichannel distribution

Once generated, documents can be automatically stored, sent via email/sms, printed, signed…

ActiveSpooler enables automated and omni-channel distribution, digital signature integration, printing, e-mailing, storage and real-time creation of duplicates. Overview all your document communications in every possible channel (apps, social media, texting) and make changes, when necessary, no matter where you are, or where the error happens: internet connection and a browser is all you need. Did a printer fail? Simply log into your distribution center and select any of the options available to properly carry out the job.

Documents can be sent to your chosen database like DocManager, Sharepoint or Amazon S3 among others, or directly to e-sign applications, such as Docusign, Adobesign and more.

CONCLUSION: DocPath Podium will upgrade and automate your document design, generation, and distribution in a flexible CCM solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing systems and grows with your business, resulting in more efficient processes and cost savings.

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