Drastically Reduces Manual Procedures in your Distribution Center


The logistics sector is characterized by its high level of competition and its narrow profit margins.

This conditions companies to limit costs to the bare minimum by optimizing management to reduce or eliminate unnecessary steps.

ZippyDocs is DocPath’s answer for logistics companies who receive documents from different sources and in different formats (raw data, xml, PCL, PDF, etc.), and who need to merge and present them as a single set of documents.

DocPath ZippyDocs receives all documents (delivery notes, invoices, etc.) generated by the different business applications and merges them into sets of documents that can be sent to a range of output devices. At the time of delivery, the driver updates the documents if necessary and captures the end customer’s signature on the delivery note. Once the process is complete, the documents are stored in the company’s document manager, whether DocPath DocManager or an external application.

Thanks to ZippyDocs, DocPath offers the logistics sector several tools to help them improve their document processes, seamlessly adapting to each company’s workflow and technical environment to offer a powerful and flexible solution.

Main Features

person_pinDocuments can be organized by carrier, getting rid of long queues at distribution centers.

qr_codeLabels can be easily generated and printed.

tocAllows complete control over the status of the cargo: proof of signature and delivery, location, temperature…etc.

tablet_macThe carrier can receive and carry the necessary documentation (delivery notes, PODs, waybills, etc.) on a tablet.

computerThe entire process is automated, so there is no need to review any paper documentation: the customer signs directly on the device, the documentation is automatically archived in the DB, sent directly to the customer, etc.

filter_altIt offers the possibility to organize the documents according to any parameter, such as the documents that had an incidence, the type of license, the client’s name, the date…

No ZippyDocs

diagram logistic web EN-1

With ZippyDocs

diagram logistic web EN-2


errorReduction of errors and unnecessary delays thanks to document unification.

attach_moneyTime optimization by not using manual procedures to generate the output.

savingsCost savings due to the optimization of document processes.

settings_suggestIntegration with any application.

travel_exploreAbility to consult documents via the web.

local_offerGeneration of all types of labels and delivery notes with barcodes.

sentiment_very_satisfiedHigh level of satisfaction of both the client and the staff thanks to an improvement in the user experience.

sortDigital organization of documents.

find_in_pageConfiguration of search indexes.

gesturePossibility of integrating electronic or biometric signature in documents.

printHigh quality document printing and generation of documents.

manage_searchSearch by content.

Success Stories


Electrolux, a well-known manufacturer of major appliances had a paper process for their Bill of Lading (BOL) documents and Packing Slips. This made them hard to find if something went wrong as they had to be shipped from different distribution centers and someone would be given the task to manually search for the paper if there was a query on a shipment.

DocPath implemented its logistics solution in Electrolux so the BOL documents could be viewed and signed by the driver electronically and then automatically archived. The Logistics solution caters for all types of BOL documents such as Multi Drop and Master BOL. Now the documents are electronically stored and able to be retrieved from anywhere. The solution from DocPath saved Electrolux time, money and improved customer service.



DHL had a problem when it came to assigning the routes and documentation to its drivers. They had to wait for the administration staff to give them the printed documentation, so they could start their route. After the delivery, the staff had to scan the documentation to get it in the database. When an incident happened, they had to manually review all the paperwork.

With DocPath, these problems ended. We installed kiosks (PC+ screen + scanner) at the distribution center, so that the drivers just sign in, print their documentation and scan it when they arrive back at the distribution center with the client signed documents. These kiosks, with DocPath, allow DHL to increase their productivity, reduce costs and make quicker deliveries.


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