DocPath’s V6 Software Available in the Cloud


In many companies, there is an obvious need to generate a document that combines electronic forms with data files.

DocPath’s Generation engine, DocGeneration Engine 6 (DGE), allows for the creation of electronic documents by merging data and dynamic forms (previously generated with DocPath’s documental software, Designer with Composition Flow™). This way, different output files are generated which, besides being efficiently managed, can be created in diverse formats such as PDF, HTML, PCL, ZPLII or AFP.

Characteristics of the DocGeneration Engine Document Software

cloudSaaS (Software as a Service)

The software doesn’t need to be installed on the client’s servers, as installation, generation, and maintenance are all carried out in the cloud.

insightsAdaptable to the Customer’s Needs

If the customer needs more processing power at a given moment, it can be quickly adjusted in the cloud.

streamExclusive Instances

Since it’s executed in the cloud, no one can use up your processing power, so the product will run at the same speed at any time.

flagUsage Reports

Itemized usage reports for any document generated, with a variety of filters to give you a complete view of document production.

Performance & Scalability

with the latest technologies

AWS Azure Azure Azure

We seamlessly integrate

with your platform & apps

Windows AIX z/OS HP-UX Unix SAP Oracle JD Edwards Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics Filenet Documentum

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