Visualize and Control the Operation of Your Document Generation Systems


DocPath Sinclair is any resource management specialist’s dream document software. Its limitless information capacity (with dynamic graphs that display a real-time image of the use cases and performance of the document generation system) makes it a valuable tool for document system management.

With its dynamic graphs, real-time interaction with applications, and efficient communications, Sinclair immediately retrieves data about the document generation process and presents it to the user in a clear and organized manner.

The possibility of knowing the status of a complex and critical document management system at a glance is an ability that any system administrator values.

Main characteristics of the DocPath Sinclair document software

dashboardPowerful document generation process management and monitoring tool.

settings_remoteRemote management of document generation engines and related processes.

query_builderPossibility of making customized queries on the jobs executed.

bar_chartDisplay of general and specific statistical graphs.

circle_notificationseGeneral and specific notifications for each engine linked to the document generation process.

notifications_activeNotifications for each executed job.

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