Batch Document Management and Generation


Customers who need to process large quantities of documents often have additional needs, such as merging multiple files in one single process that performs different steps and, once the documents have been generated, sorting them by number of pages, zip code, etc.

DocPath has created the OutputDynamics document solution to provide these customers with a powerful, highly flexible, and fully customizable solution. Document printing processes can be easily defined and will be executed when necessary, either automatically or manually, freeing the user from the responsibility of managing the process and avoiding the risk of errors.

The document software system includes the DocPath ActiveSpooler solution, which allows the distribution of information in different output formats (AFP, HTML, PDF, Postscript, PCL, etc.) and through multiple channels (printing, on-screen visualization, email, fax, SMS, video, etc.).

It is also advisable to use the Sinclair tool, an advanced document printing process management system that allows you to see in real time the status of the different generation engines, the volumes of outputs generated, process peaks to allow better resource management, and a wide range of statistics to periodically know the processes being carried out and the resources and infrastructure used.

Output Dynamics screenshot

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