Optimize Your Company’s Print Processing and Flow


DocPath PrintSLIM is specially designed to offer a solution to one of the principal challenges of any organization: Increase the overall efficiency, productivity and performance of all remote print processes. This solution allows an organization to reduce their bandwidth consumption and provides faster overall print job transmission.

DocPath PrintSlim is especially suitable for virtualized work environments where it is necessary to optimize the use of communications. By reducing the size of the print files, you get the printing of exactly the same document, but using only a small part of the bandwidth that would be normally necessary.

Its operation can be only with file optimization (reduction of size) and / or compression of the same to further narrow its size.


compressCompresses print files for agile and efficient remote print processes.

trending_downReduces the use of bandwidth.

printSupported on any printer type (laser, inkjet, multifunction).

gpp_goodSecure transfer of print files.

upload_fileCompatible with any type of document.

integration_instructionsEasy integration with your current infrastructure.