A flexible document software solution for information gathering and online monitoring of the document generation process

Madrid, 26th May 2022 . DocPath, a multinational company specialized in the development of innovative document software focused on customer communication, launched DocPath® Sinclair, a solution that puts an end to the laborious task of collecting and managing log information by hand, using a flexible tool for information collection and online monitoring of the document generation process.

Sinclair’s document solution allows you to manage the document generation engines, and configure and manage the resources of the entire process remotely. It provides the possibility to perform customized queries on the executed works, as well as the visualization of statistical graphs in general and in particular.

One of the most important features for resource and system management managers is the display of notifications and alarm management for each engine, both general and specific. This functionality allows the user to know in real time the conditions and use of the document generator, thus facilitating the corresponding task.

DocPath® Sinclair integrates with DocPath® Access Identity Management™ (AIM) to manage users.
When configuring a user, in addition to the web application permissions, the time zone can be configured. In this way, the Sinclair interface will display all dates, statistics and graphs according to the previously configured time zone.

With Sinclair document, software companies of any size and sector have a monitoring and visualization tool at their disposal.
The new system will provide an advanced, flexible and easy document generation process, which will turn the process of collecting generation information into another opportunity to increase user satisfaction.

Another very important aspect today is that Sinclair has a page to check the resource usage of the machine hosting each engine, so that the user will have an easier time making decisions. Likewise, through graphs show the total use of resources, allowing the user to check whether they are idle or close to overflowing.

About DocPath

DocPath is a leading developer of enterprise document management software, providing its international customers with technology that enables them to complement their ERP and implement advanced processes of Document Output Management, Customer Communications Management and spooling document software. Founded in 1993 and having received honorable mention from Gartner in 2019, DocPath has offices in Europe, the USA and Latin America and our Solutions are present all over the world. Prestigious banks and blue-chip corporations are among our customers. DocPath simplifies for them the difficult and complex task of designing, generating and distributing their business-critical documents. DocPath also maintains a strong commitment to R&D, an area to which it allocates a large part of its revenues and in which lies one of the keys to its success.

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