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In response to the need for simple document modification and management, DocPath® Stylo™ was born.

Stylo is an online interface that streamlines the editing processes known to date, providing the opportunity to efficiently manage and compose new documents from templates and predefined clauses quickly.

This ability to manually edit predefined parts and texts in documents and forms gives businesses flexibility to easily adapt content to specific or high-importance situations and customers.

Furthermore, its feature of composing documents from reusable components, existing templates and predefined clauses speeds up the creation of new contracts, policies, or other document types while allowing real-time adjustments and customization, maintaining control over each change.

Once stored in repositories, these documents and templates can be easily retrieved, not only enabling more agile operations, but also ensuring their privacy, secure storage, and reducing human errors.

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Features and Benefits with Stylo

Need to modify fixed texts?

Edited forms can be tagged with different status labels. For example, forms can be marked as “in testing,” awaiting validation by responsible parties to modify and add desired elements.

Version control

Stylo manages the control of form versions and changes, aiding in their management and allowing the coexistence of different elements. This ensures that the appropriate version of a template is always used when creating new documents. Any form modifications will result in new versions, stored with its own metadata accurately.

Secure storage

It provides the opportunity to access templates stored in the repository for verification and, if needed, modification. It also manages the creation of new versions and their storage in the repository upon generating another version, incorporating them into the review and approval process.

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