30 years of experience in developing innovative document software solutions. A review of 2021 and 2022 projects related to document software

Madrid, February 24th, 2022. DocPath, a multinational company with 30 years of experience in the development of innovative document software solutions, has consolidated its leading position in the market in 2021 by enhancing its existing solutions and launching new document software solutions and products adapted to the latest technology.

2021 review and advances in document software

2021 was mainly marked by the launching of DocPath TotalControl, a new document management solution for insurance companies that offers the possibility of designing, generating, storing and distributing documents throughout the entire branch office network, and allows access to both internal employees and external insurance agents.

Likewise, improvements have been made to the features and functionalities of the document solution, DocPath ActiveSpooler Enterprise, the spool management tool which sends and stores any output file, delivering it to a predefined destination. This solution’s new features are focused on multichannel distribution of documents generated by the applications and managing printing spools. It is now possible to manage mailing lists and e-mailings. In addition, it allows report generation in every outputs compatible with PDF and CSV formats.

During this past year, online document software has been developed, DocPath Stylo, in order to improve current document management flows and communication between departments. Thanks to its simple editing mechanism and operation, Stylo allows any user profile to modify documents, always keeping control over who changed it, when, and what type of document was modified.

Promising projects for 2022 related to document software

DocPath keeps working on new projects, as well as on existing products and solutions to develop new functionalities and improve every single tool.

To begin with, DocPath will remain focused on its main objective: to offer the best experience to its current and future customers. For this purpose, DocPath intends to keep creating both specific solutions according to business needs and solutions by industry. This way, any customer will find a document solution for their needs. or one exclusively intended for the industry to which it belongs, be it banking, retail, telecommunications or the textile sector, among others.

Regarding upcoming improvements, DocPath is already working on new functionalities for its document generation systems monitoring tool, DocPath Sinclair. This document software makes to visualizing and controlling the operation of the DGE possible, but from this year onwards it will not only allow monitoring the generation engine itself, but also every machine available to the customer.

On the other hand, DocPath is developing a new web service to control and manage web applications, in addition to enable deploying applications in containers (dockers, kubernetes…). This optimizes available machine and personnel resources and improves scalable performance.

DocPath has started this year working on new projects and improving document solution related applications, aiming always to satisfy customer needs and so they find the best possible experience.

About DocPath

DocPath is a leading developer of enterprise document management software, providing its international customers with technology that enables them to complement their ERP and implement advanced processes of Document Output Management, Customer Communications Management and spooling document software. Founded in 1993 and having received honorable mention from Gartner in 2019, DocPath has offices in Europe, the USA and Latin America and our Solutions are present all over the world. Prestigious banks and blue-chip corporations are among our customers. DocPath simplifies for them the difficult and complex task of designing, generating and distributing their business-critical documents. DocPath also maintains a strong commitment to R&D, an area to which it allocates a large part of its revenues and in which lies one of the keys to its success.