Document Output Management.

DocPath® Document Output Management Software Systems

For companies that want to optimize their Document Output Management processes, DocPath provides a wide range of Document Output Management software systems. These solutions enable organizations to efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively manage the processes related to business document generation and distribution.

The new DocPath® Sprint, along with its powerful engine DocPath® V6, is a scalable cloud ready solution that allows the design, generation and multichannel distribution of multilanguage documents in any output format (PDF, PCL, HTML5…), and seamlessly integrates with any architecture, app or device.

The powerful document management software technology of this new version allows the generation of high-quality dynamic documents for remote environments, on demand for online users (via web) and is adaptable to SMEs that cannot afford DocPath® Output Dynamics.

DocPath® Output Dynamics is a tool that stands out among other Document Output Management systems because it is prepared for high-volume generation of high-quality dynamic documents.

This solution covers the entire life cycle of the document: from the design of the template to any type of post-process (organize documents by specific customer data, change the format of the files and include personalized advertising: TransPromo) required and its distribution.

Like all DocPath® solutions, integration with your business systems and applications is seamless.

In addition, DocPath® Sinclair provides a wealth of information, including a real-time dashboard, which offers a vision of the usage, statistics and configuration of the document generation system. Sinclair is the key to managing your system.